Antique modern kitchen tips

Antique modern kitchen tips

Science confirms the biblical principles to be applied in nutrition.

I’m not a cook. Although my occasional culinary creations are accepted by my family, I cannot always apply them more widely. My relationship to food has become complex in the flood of modern nutrition theories: high protein content and low carbohydrate content; high carbohydrate content and low protein content; low fat content etc.

Food is essential to our lives. We are the mirror of what we eat. The food we consume literally shapes us. The way and choice of nutrition influences which chronic illness will plague us throughout our lives as well as which of these diseases will kill us. Clearly, the deciding factor is the choice of what we eat. We make that choice! A plan that is not safe for us is to allow your sense of taste to decide for us. We need some principles. I will suggest two: Science and the Bible.

What does science say?

From a scientific point of view, the only way to know successfully what is good for human consumption is to observe a characteristic group of people over a long period. Such a study provided very useful information on the effects of nutrition reflected in longevity and human health.

A group of Adventist Christians, a health researcher, compared a sample of a group of Adventists from California with a sample of a group of people from their environment as part of a study conducted by the American Cancer Research Society. As the study found, Adventists have a lower cancer mortality rate than others in their living environment: the rate is 40% lower for men and 24% for women.

The mortality rate from coronary diseases in men, Adventists, is lower by 36% than in men from the rest of the population. Comparing all causes of death between the two populations throughout the study, it was found that in general, the death rate for men – Adventists is lower 34% and for women 12%.

Statistically, Adventist males live 6.2 years longer than the rest of the population, and females 3.7 years. Adventists are sick and often die of the same causes as the non-Adventist part of the population, but they have a tendency to develop health problems much later than most other people. Where do Adventists find health principles that helped them live longer and healthier? It is really surprising that they are found in a document about 2500 years old – in the Bible.

Can the Bible teach us how to feed ourselves today? Yes, it can! In general, Christians believe that biblical principles are given by God, and even many atheists agree that her dietary recommendations are still acceptable today.

What does the Bible say?

For the first human beings, God has determined the ideal way of eating. He said, “… Behold, I have given you all the plants that bear seed throughout their land, and all the trees of the seed that bear seed, it will be for your food.” (Genesis 1:29) When the first people fell into sin Separated from God, He added: “… And you will eat the greens of the field.” (Genesis 3:18). This is God added to human nutrition.

When we want to categorize edema food according to the names we use in modern science, we see that it is entirely of plant origin. This means that this diet was based on cereals, fruits, kernels and vegetables. In contrast, the diet of affluent Western societies is high in saturated fat and cholesterol, and has low vegetable fiber content. Such a diet significantly increases the risk of developing chronic diseases. A diet based on plant-based foods, low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and rich in nutrients and vegetable fibers, as well as beneficial chemicals solely of plant origin, reduces the risk of these diseases.

Men, who eat beef at least three times a week, suffer from a fatal heart attack in 60 to 70% more than vegetarians. People who, with food of plant origin, use eggs and dairy products but do not eat meat, achieve significant protection against heart disease, but not yet to the degree that they are exclusively vegetarians.

Although the original diet of the edema couple did not include meat and meat products, there were circumstances where the ideal diet could not be achieved, and therefore, after the Flood, the Lord allowed Noah and his family to eat meat. However, when the Lord gave Noah instructions on the animals to take into the ark, He separated them into two categories: “pure” and “unclean.” God said to Noah, “Take with you all the seven clean animals, all males and his female; and of the unclean animals by two, the male and his female. ” Also, in order to be clean, fish must also have a scallop and a fin. The third book of Moses lists several examples of animals that were eaten by the ancient inhabitants of the Middle East but were unclean to the people of God. These included camels, conceptions, pigs, birds of prey, rats and lizards.


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