Parent – friend and supervisor

Parent – friend and supervisor

It is not easy to be an ideal parent, and no one imagines him as someone who, since he has not done his homework, turns off his computer and does not allow himself to go outside, even though the weather is nice. The ideal parent is not even a trainer who monitors the athlete’s harmonious development and helps him achieve the best results.

There are two dimensions of parental love that complement each other: on the one hand, friendship, shared moments, conversations, games, celebrations, rest, and on the other, supervision. We will make the mistake of performing both roles at the same time, or if we lose the balance between control and camaraderie, which will most often hurt a friendly relationship.

When the children are small, the shared moments are spontaneous, but socializing with older children requires more effort. In the end, it happens that the parent does not find a common language with their adolescent.

Things usually get complicated when parents spend a lot of time with their children, find a common language, and then spoil everything by asking about school or pedagogical guidance. As the child feels as if he or she is being condemned at every turn, he or she begins to avoid contact with the parents. It is never certain whether a parent will start examining and preaching in the midst of the best fun.

Therefore, it is very useful to set a day of the week, such as a week, when we will not talk about school and responsibilities. We should leave the child a little space where there will be no room for punishment, attachment and control. We should make sure we have a quiet lunch when we don’t talk about commitments.

In the afternoon we can ride a bicycle, and even then we will not criticize the children for their views – in short, we will try to make such joint moments pleasant and valuable to us. If we do not take care of this, we will risk falling into mutual misunderstanding and discounting the links. The child will move away and we may never get closer.

We must not abandon the friendly approach even when our child’s behavior has hurt us. On the contrary, it is then that we need to come closer and repair a broken relationship. If our relationship with a child is limited only by the rules, children will lose the true picture of love.

They will leave home before we think. What will be their impressions? Will they remember shared beautiful moments and parents full of understanding and love? You can teach them true values ​​and respect with your example. Respect their views and show them unreserved love and they will triple you and grow into mature and solid personalities.

May your love be gentle but at the same time strong, authoritative and at the same time limitless and unconditional.

Monica and Martin Gaydov

Family gathering at the table has a positive effect on your health

The results of several studies show that joint meals, which bring together all family members at the table, also increase the average consumption of fruits and vegetables, which would also mean a higher intake of nutrients and fiber. Studies also show that such families consume fried foods and sweetened juices less.

It is recommended to return to traditional family habits and values. The time you spend with your family is invaluable.

University of Florida

Danger to children from the Internet and video games

Today’s children grow up in a culture saturated with the internet, video games, playing gambling games and pornography. Today, sufficient literature is available to us, which, after conducting research, indicates the dangers arising from the above.

Recent studies have examined the impact of these media on children ages 10-14. Children who often played shooting games exhibited aggression and delinquency. Playing games in which a child identifies with a fictitious character, such as a war hero or villain, was associated with anxiety and isolation.

These studies have also shown that good parent-child communication can be a very effective means of reducing the negative effects of Internet use. The message is clear – parents should know what their kids are doing online, what games they play, and talk to them about it. However, some games and activities should be banned from children.


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